Thursday, April 7, 2011


Good day. The date has arrived and I hope that you are all ready to pick up your pair at The Bordeaux Art Show tonight. As stated in the original document, 50 pairs will be on hand. I ask that all customers arrive in a timely fashion and will be helped on a first come first serve basis. To date there are more customers than pairs and we have added a few more shoes to alleviate that stress. Those that have paid for their pair in advance have preference over those who have not, to be fair.

The total price is $240 US Dollars and that will include and give you access to everything for the evening and receive all the extra goodies available. Those whom wish to party and not purchase are also available to come but will not have access to certain anemities as the paying customers will. There are definitely surprises waiting for you when you get to the event location tonight. Please show up early, 15 minutes before 10pm, and you will be helped promptly and be able to begin the experience.

Thank You, very much and we look forward to serving you tonight.

Mikey Likes It.

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